Why Stability?

Complete financial management through meaningful relationships to help you achieve your life goals.


We take a unique approach to financial management, and if a partnership with Stability Financial makes sense, you will experience dedication and customer care beyond what you ever thought possible.

We don’t “sell” pre-packaged, generic, investment products such as mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Ray Davis and his team have spent years developing proprietary strategies for cost-efficient investing and are willing to shoulder the burden of keeping your financial future looking as bright as ever.

Our carefully crafted strategic portfolios are designed for achieving specific financial goals. Based on the information you provide during our conversations, your goals and desired lifestyle, we match you to the portfolio that is most suitable for helping you get to where you want to be.


The simple answer is our proprietary, hands-on approach. Most financial investment advisors never actively manage your portfolio, meaning their roles more closely resemble that of intermediary or salesperson.

Ray directly manages your investments. Daily.


Don’t expect us to run on autopilot once we get you on board with Stability Financial. We continuously monitor market volatility and fluctuations in the economy to identify the best growth opportunities while hedging against market risks. Ray is always monitoring your positions and he carries the fiduciary responsibility other advisors lack. Additionally, Ray employs an enter and exit strategy based on the best interest of your portfolio.

Need more than just a financial advisor? Ray Davis brings nearly three decades of experience engineering workable financial solutions to the issues affecting your wealth. From aging parents, real estate, divorce, business successions and so much more, Ray brings a fresh perspective to the many financial quandaries in your life.



Raymond L. Davis

Founder and CEO
Certified Financial Planner

Ray began his career in 1992.  He earned the distinguished Certified Financial Planner Designation in 1996, the Portfolio Manager Designation in 2001 and Senior Portfolio Manager Designation in 2011 while at Merrill Lynch.

Ray spends his days analyzing data and constantly monitoring market fluctuations. He doesn’t seek to run the business on autopilot or survey activity with minimal frequency. Instead, he continuously searches for the best opportunities, and hedges against the volatility of the markets. His willingness to exit the market during uncertain times along with adding protection to the portfolios has helped protect and grow his client's long-term assets.

Ray has two sons and an amazing wife, Stacey. He supports Shaw High School in many capacities including founder and active leader of the school’s Lacrosse program, advisor and board member overseeing the construction of the new stadium, and as a former Alumni of the year recipient. Beyond his contributions to Shaw High School, Ray has helped improve programs at Brother Martin, he has donated time and money to non-profit organizations, and he strives to be a steward of Christian values, always guided by his Catholic faith.

Phone: 504-324-7480
Mobile: 504-495-6630
Fax: 504-717-4147
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Rolanda “Ro” Bostick

Vice President

Ro is the team's Client Relationship Manager.  She has over 33 years of experience providing both financial and professional administrative services to our clients.  Ro is generally the first team member clients speak with when they call the office.  Her tasks include setting up client accounts, handling checking and visa related inquiries, performing wire transfers and all incoming account transfers and deposits.

Ro's strength is her ability to keep the team organized and on task.  Having grown up a military brat, and having raised a son, she thrives in fast-paced settings and enjoys the challenge of keeping up with the technological and regulatory changes in our industry.

Ro lives on the Northshore of the New Orleans Metro with her husband and faithful dog, Daisy.

Phone: 504-324-7480
Fax: 504-717-4147
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