Feeling like a number?

We do things a little differently. A partnership with us means you’ll have access to us whenever you need it.



By asking the right questions, and understanding your needs, we provide solutions that make sense


From managing your company’s finances to planning a business succession, Ray’s team has years of experience helping business owners deal with the crucial aspects of their financial responsibilities so they can get back to what they do best: running a business. We provide you with advice and guidance every step of the way to help you retain the most, increase potential and mitigate against losses from taxes and the like.



A manager or executive has an intimate understanding of their financial responsibilities to the company they serve. Stability Financial will help you manage the financial responsibilities of your life and plan for a brighter future. We have formed tremendously beneficial relationships with managers and executives and specialize in helping such individuals fill in gaps in their personal financial knowledge/needs.



When you’re ready to hang it up and enjoy the fruits of your labor, wouldn’t it be nice to have the peace of mind knowing someone like Ray has worked tirelessly to help you fully realize your vision for life after work? The team at Stability Financial understands the importance of hard work, and how easy it can be to put off thinking about retirement. Don’t wait. Let Ray and his team help you.



Whoever you are and whatever your background, Stability Financial is your resource for financial know-how and wealth management. Ray and company pride themselves on their ability to connect with those they feel honored to call clients. When you work with Stability Financial you can expect the dedication and commitment to your desired financial outcomes you simply won’t find elsewhere. We go above and beyond for our clients because we’re passionate about helping them find financial stability in life.


At the heart of the Stability Financial experience is a truly symbiotic, caring relationship.

Our singular management fee is not simply exchanged for a one-off investment task. Rather, it serves as your all-inclusive pass to our dedicated team - one committed to improving quality of life and peace of mind. We are financial caregivers for each and every one of our clients, so we provide the advice and support they need, regardless of what life throws their way. Whether it's planning for retirement, navigating the stresses of divorce and dividing assets, building up your child's college fund, and everything in between, we're here for you.

If you require support with the management of your money, if you’d like to sleep better at night, we would love to meet with you! Take advantage of the years we’ve spent developing proprietary strategies for cost-efficient investing, and we’ll shoulder the burden of keeping your financial future looking as bright as ever.


We remain hyper-focused on all managed assets by consolidating our offerings into two primary portfolios:


Purposefully balanced and optimized for wealth creation. Ideal for those willing to aggressively invest for the potential of more substantial returns. 


Purposefully balanced and optimized for asset protection and modest growth. Suitable for those closer to and those in retirement.


CONFIDENCE AND TRUST are achieved through the transparency of my pricing structure and by a high level of customer care. I charge for services as a percentage of invested assets. These fees range from 0.5% to 1.5% of my client’s assets annually.


Every decision we make on your behalf is based on how it serves YOUR best interest, and we hold ourselves accountable to this through our added fiduciary responsibilities. We believe that by putting your goals at the forefront, we stand a greater chance at reaching our own. Therefore, our fee is just a small percent of your assets under our management – incentivized for performance and mutually beneficial outcomes. Only by increasing your nest egg can we earn more and when the market is down, well, our fees are too.

No surprises, no unfair or exploitative charges that tip in favor of anyone other than YOU, our client.