Create Lasting Wealth

Let us show you the way and guide your journey to a better life.


CONFIDENCE AND TRUST are achieved through the transparency of my pricing structure and by a high level of customer care. I charge for services as a percentage of invested assets. These fees range from 0.5% to 1.5% of my client’s assets annually.

After an introductory “welcome aboard” meeting that includes an asset review, if you believe we’re a good fit, the partnership will be simple: I’ll trust you to continue doing everything that helped land you here, and in return, I’ll respect your trust in me to manage your investments and assist with your financial decision making.



Purposefully balanced and optimized for wealth creation. Ideal for those willing to aggressively invest for the potential of more substantial returns.


Purposefully balanced and optimized for asset protection and modest growth. Suitable for those closer to and those in retirement.


Invest with Confidence

Investing for your future is more challenging than ever. Sifting through the options, understanding fees and costs, picking the right assets, coming up with an appropriate mix to get to the best strategy to accomplish your financial goals can be overwhelming. More importantly… mistakes are easy to make but hard to recover from. As a client of Stability Financial, we remove this complex and confusing burden while providing proprietary investment solutions that fit your needs.

Plan Your Estate

Ray and his team will work together with your accountant and lawyer to craft a cohesive, sustainable estate plan for your heirs and beneficiaries – one that accounts for possible changes and helps maximize your legacy. Our intimate understanding of the process will help you ask the right questions, get on the same page and ultimately create a plan that works for you and your family.

Protect Your Wealth

The emphasis of your relationship with a financial advisor is usually placed on the building of your wealth. And, while this is a very important aspect of the work we do, it’s only part of the equation. Because Ray and his team actively manage your wealth, they are more agile and responsive to negative impacts stemming from the markets. This means that you stand a much better chance of retaining the wealth you already have and avoiding the pitfalls of keeping it in one place too long. Stability Financial offers the protection that gives you peace of mind.

Plan for Education

The cost of college tuition seems to only go one way with each passing year: up! Understanding the importance of planning ahead for tuition costs is something we don't take for granted, and it’s something Ray has dealt with personally. His own children have attended college and the burden could have been insurmountable without the proper amount of planning. Work with a team that understands the challenges first hand and let us help you reach the educational goal of sending your child to college.

Tax Planning

The effectiveness of any advisor is limited by their ability to maneuver and minimize the burden of taxes. We stay ahead of the curve and pay attention to the impact taxes could have with every decision we make. It’s your wealth, keep more of it with our proactive, tax-aware investing strategies.

Enjoy Your Retirement

Help us understand what you’d like to do in retirement, and we’ll help build a custom plan to get you there. Everyone has their dream retirement scenario, and after a lifetime of working, we believe everyone deserves to fully realize those dreams. So, regardless of the size and scale of your dream, rest-assured we're the team to help make it a reality. Implementing our proprietary strategies will give you the best chance to enter retirement worry-free.